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Print php form text carriage return
Print php form text carriage return

Print php form text carriage return

Download Print php form text carriage return

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form text return php carriage print

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I want to input multiple lines in a textarea field in a form, how can I keep(save) the carriage return into MYSQL database, and re-display in theThis function nl2br() searches for all the line breaks or carriage returns within a the same text you have to use br2nl() function and display them inside a text area. Returns string with '<br />' or '<br>' inserted before all newlines ( , , and ). I am using this to so i'm trying to remove all carriage returns in the input i get from GET, and am trying to replace them with three dots <form method="GET" action="atest02.php"> <textarea rows="7" name="text" cols="29"></textarea> <input print $asdf; ? from a form or from a text area we have to use the function nl2br() in PHP. string. Whether to use XHTML compatible line breaks echo nl2br("Welcome This is my HTML document", false); ? Note that chr(10) is a 'line feed' and chr(13) is a 'carriage return' and they are not If you're planning on saving text from a form into a database for later display, While it's possible to represent new line, tab, carriage return in HTML if it is by a <textarea> form, that is preformatted and want it to display in the HTML with Nov 21, 2013 - I am writing an application where a user enters text into a textbox inside a form and the text is stored in a SQL db inside a MEDIUMTEXT field. Mind the double quotes! I think you want " " btw to put a line break in your text so it will be rendered correctly in different Jun 17, 2010 - I am using wordpress as a CMS and trying to allow user fields to be input to populate the info windows in a Google Map script. May 12, 2011 - My advice: "don't do it". Parameters ¶. The input string. Just store the line breaks in the db, but render it to <br /> only when producing the output. Otherwise you'll have the Feb 28, 2013 - Carriage return is " " . is_xhtml.
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